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You may have just taken your child to the dentist and have been told they need braces.

As your child begs you to not make them wear braces, you may find yourself pondering the benefits of wearing a brace and may conclude that the only real advantage is the aesthetic improvement it offers.

This is a common misconception among children and parents alike. While it is true that wearing a brace will help improve your child’s appearance, there are many other long term benefits to your child wearing a brace, many you may have never even considered.


At Boston Orthodontics, we know how hard it can be for children. We aim to support both you and your child when they are undertaking orthodontics in Marylebone and, depending on the severity of your child’s dental misalignment, we may even be able to offer them a removable appliance during their treatment!


But what are the long term benefits of your child undertaking orthodontics in Marylebone with Boston Orthodontics? Read on to find out!


Improves speech


It is an often overlooked result of misalignment, but when teeth do not fit together perfectly in the mouth, it can cause issues with speech and pronunciation.


This is due to the tongue being able to move across and between teeth that are not in their correct position, meaning words and certain letters get mispronounced. Of course, this can severely impact a child’s confidence.


By choosing to undertake orthodontics in Marylebone, you are ensuring that your child’s speech develops properly and that they can be clearly understood by others when talking.


Improves facial symmetry


Jaw and tooth position has a drastic impact on facial symmetry.


If one of our dentists decides your child requires braces, this treatment will not only help straighten their teeth, but will also help align their jaws at a stage in their lives when these bones have not yet set, creating a higher overall success rate.


If you leave choosing braces for your child until later in their life, these realignments become more difficult and are also more uncomfortable.


Reduced risk of chipping teeth


Have you ever walked past a wall and scraped your arm on a protruding brick?


When you choose braces for your child, you are reducing the likelihood of any protruding or oddly positioned teeth, which, in turn reduces the risk of chipping, cracking or breaking teeth altogether.


Better oral hygiene


Straighter teeth are easier to brush; not only for adults, but for children and dental professionals like hygienists too.


If teeth are misaligned, the chances of suffering from gum disease and tooth decay increase substantially; if your child can’t reach the area behind two protruding teeth, how can they clean it properly? Similarly, if your child has spacing or gaps between their teeth, these areas can be harder to clean effectively, causing bacteria to build up.


The use of braces has been linked to higher levels of oral hygiene and a reduction in more complicated dental procedures in adult life.