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One example of invisible braces we provide are Invisalign. Invisalign are essentially a subtle form of orthodontics, and consist of transparent plastic trays which are moulded perfectly to the patient’s mouth. Invisible braces are rising in popularity due to the desire of many patients to receive effective orthodontic results, without the unsightly metal appearance. Despite common misconception, invisible braces Wimpole Street do not only consist of clear aligners, but also come in alternative forms.


The forms of invisible braces Wimpole Street we offer our patients are clear aligners (provided by the large brand provider ‘Invisalign’), as well as Incognito braces, and aesthetically pleasing ceramic fixed braces.

The alternatives


Incognito braces (also commonly referred to as lingual braces) use a wire and metal caps which are placed behind the teeth, therefore producing a desired smile, whilst being hard to detect. Ceramic braces (which work in the same way as traditional fixed braces) are fixed onto the front surface of the teeth, and use a subtle material, which therefore blends in with the shade of the natural teeth.

Their comparison


Despite the obvious aesthetic differences, invisible braces also work in a different way to traditional metal braces. Traditional metal braces use metal wires and brackets to place pressure on the teeth, in order to encourage them to move in a positive direction, however Invisalign (as a comparative example) works in a different way. These invisible aligners are customised for each patient, and are replaced every few weeks in order to reach a desired dental position, by rectifying misalignment of the teeth, overbite, and protrusion of the teeth.

Are invisible braces Wimpole Street right for me?


If you are an individual who is suffering from dental imperfections, then invisible braces may be right for you. Invisible braces offer patients the chance to receive the dental results they desire, without the hindrance of obvious dental work. Patients who have previously received orthodontics at a younger age, may also be recommended invisible braces. Previous orthodontic results can be undermined if patients fail to maintain the use of retainers, Invisalign (as well as Incognito, and ceramic braces) can be used to refresh previous dental results.

The cost of invisible braces


The cost of orthodontic work can depend greatly on the severity of the individual case, as well as the time period that the braces are needed. Our clinic aims to always inform our patients of the time period and financial cost of their treatment before their dental work commences at our dental clinic, we offer a general price region for all of our orthodontic treatments to begin with until we can look at a patient’s specific case.

Why us?


Individuals may decide to receive their invisible braces at our clinic for several reasons, one of which being our excellent orthodontist Dr. Elif Keser. Dr. Keser qualified after completing dental school in Turkey, she then went on to study for six further years and gain her PHD. Dr. Keser’s goal is to treat each individual dental case as unique, not only to straighten and align the position of the teeth, but also improve the appearance of the face as a whole.