Interceptive Orthodontics

When children are young, their jaws are growing and their dentitions are changing. It is possible to redirect the growth and eliminate future problems at this stage. Children should have their first orthodontic screening no later than age 7. This will be to evaluate the growing jaws and dentition and to do early treatment if there is the need. Early interceptive treatment can be a wise investment for the future by decreasing the possibility or complexity of future orthodontic treatments.

"I have a pink sparkly retainer which I have been wearing for 3 months. It's very comfortable and my teeth have moved a lot.


My friends ask "Where did you get if from? Do I need to have it? Oh I really want it."


If you need need a dentist then I would come straight to Elif because she has the best orthodontic knowledge that I have seen so far. If you need braces, don't think twice."

Tips for Children's Teeth

Below you will find some instructional videos about maintaining healthy teeth. Feel free to watch and share these, as they cover important oral health topics such as flossing, tooth brushing, and healthy food and drinks.

Dr Elif Keser


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