We are ready to see you again at Boston Orthodontics. We took measures to keep you and everyone around us safe. For our younger patients, please watch the videos, to see who is under these layers of protective gear, and feel free to book a video call if you would like to see Dr. Elif Keser without all the PPE.

Measures to keep both you and our team safe during COVID 19:

1. Patient pre-screening.

We will ask you to update your medical history. This can be emailed to you or done over the phone and preferably updated verbally on the day of your appointment.

We will also carry out the Risk Assessment for each patient. This is in the form of a questionnaire which takes into account: age, ethnicity, sex, co-morbidities, pregnancy. You will either receive a phone call or you will be sent/emailed a questionnaire before your appointment.

2. Arrive on time.

We will appreciate your arrival on time.

3. Social distancing.

Social distancing will be enforced everywhere in the clinic and in the waiting area/reception. Please come alone to your appointment unless you need a parent or guardian as a chaperone.

4. Hand sanitizers, rinses, masks.

We will ask you to hand sanitize with the provided sanitizer / antiseptic gel and the instruction with correct hand sanitizing procedure will be available and displayed.

You will be asked to pre-rinse with an anti-COVID disinfecting oral rinse with hydrogen peroxide 1.5%.

We will ask you for the consent before providing it.

5. Personal protective equipment (PPE)

The team will wear gowns, masks, gloves and face shields at all times. You will see us dressed differently. Rest assured, behind the protective layers are the same friendly people.

6. Payment

We only accept BACS payments during this period.

7. Virtual reception.

Appointments can be booked by phone or email ONLY to limit the time spent in the office.

8. Online consultations.

We are and we will be offering video and telephone consultations where appropriate to save you having to travel to see a dentist.

We look forward to seeing you again and are happy to answer any questions you may have about these steps we are taking to keep you and everyone in our clinic safe. Thank you for being with us.


Dr Elif Keser
GDC No. 269456