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When considering Invisalign for your child, it’s important to know the journey you will be on. As a parent, you will be on that journey every bit as much as your child and at Boston Orthodontics we want to ensure it is everything that you hope for.

Invisalign for Kids may not always be the appropriate treatment, it will depend on the needs of the child. We provide a New Patient Orthodontic Examination at our Wimple Street dental clinic in the heart of London, which will allow us to assess your child’s smile and the best solutions for teeth straightening.

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Big results for little smiles

Invisalign First™ is proven effective in shaping simple to complex little smiles, tween smiles, and teen smiles.

Designed to treat simple to complex teeth straightening issues in growing children from ages 6 to 10, including crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches.

Oral hygiene

Removable for easy hygiene, making it easier for growing children to brush and floss.

Built-in assurance

The optional blue compliance indicator dots help you monitor their teeth’s progress throughout treatment, ensuring they get their greatest smile.

Designed for predictable results and a positive experience.

Customised for your child's unique smile

Experience the future of orthodontic treatment for your child with ClinCheck® software at Boston Orthodontics. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise planning, from the initial aligner to the final radiant smile. Let us guide your child’s journey to a confident and beautiful smile with cutting-edge technology and expert care. Discover the power of personalized treatment and watch their transformation unfold before your eyes. Boston Orthodontics – where innovation meets excellence in dental & facial aesthetics.


Patient's Review

Metal braces vs. clear aligners for children and teenagers

Today, there are many different teeth straightening options for children and teenagers, with traditional metal braces for teenagers being the best-known method. While metal braces are effective at fixing minor to severe dental misalignment, they can cause discomfort as the wires could break and cause injury either spontaneously or due to injury from sports. Metal braces are also extremely noticeable against the white of a child’s teeth.
The comparison table below can help you make the right decision for your child’s unique smile. See how Invisalign treatment benefits for your child /teenager compare with metal braces and other clear aligners.
Made from SmartTrack™ material for more predictable teeth movement

Clear aligners

Continuous doctor care thanks to the remote monitoring option of Invisalign® Virtual Care tool

Clear aligners

No emergency visits for broken wires

Other clear aligners

Virtually invisible for better self-esteem

Other clear aligners

Easily removable for eating, drinking & flossing

Other clear aligners

In-person consultations with the Invisalign- trained specialist orthodontist you choose and trust.

Clear aligners

Made from traditional brackets and wires

Traditional braces

Trimmed to your child's gum line for optimal comfort and appearance

Clear aligners

Blue compiance indicator dot on the aligners to help your child stay on track

Clear aligners

Why Invisalign for Children?

Because children (and their mouths) are constantly on the move, there are a few special features:

Blue Wear Indicators

Blue wear-indicators at the rear of the aligners that fade from blue to clear will help the doctor and parents identify if the patient has been wearing their aligners for the enough length of time.

Eruption Compensators

In order to compensate for the eruption of canines, second premolars and second molars, special features have been created.

Invisalign Mandibular Advancement

For older children, mandibular advancement from Invisalign is available to growing patients who are in the late baby dentition to permanent dentition, 10-15 years of age.

Invisalign First is used for making various corrections in the positioning of a growing jaw with unique features for dental arch expansion and creating room for incoming teeth. Invisalign First can be used to address various orthodontic conditions, such as; 


  • Arch development

  • Expansion

  • Spacing/crowding

  • -P correction

  • Aesthetic alignment

  • Tooth protrusions or interferences

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Frequently Asked Questions about Invisalign for Kids


Invisalign for kids can temporarily affect speech in some children. This is because the aligners can change the way air flows through the mouth, which can make it difficult to pronounce certain sounds. However, most children adapt to the aligners within a few days to a week, and speech usually returns to normal. In rare cases, some children may experience a slight lisp during treatment, but this usually resolves as they continue to wear the aligners.


Invisalign for kids is generally not as painful as traditional braces. This is because the aligners are made of clear plastic, which is more comfortable than metal braces. However, some children may experience mild discomfort, especially when they first start wearing the aligners. This is because the aligners are applying pressure to the teeth, which can cause them to shift. The discomfort is usually temporary and goes away within a few days.


The aligners are typically delivered in a sealed package that includes instructions on how to wear them and care for them. Watch the video below to see one of our Invisalign for Kids patients open hers!


Yes, you can decorate your Invisalign aligners. There are a few different ways to do this. Invisalign Stickables are small, adhesive stickers that you can apply to your aligners. They come in a variety of designs, including food, sports, and holidays. Watch these videos to find out more:


Here is a video to help learn more about Invisalign treatment.