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A choice of orthodontic treatments in Marleybone for healthier and more beautiful teeth

The uptake of orthodontics has significantly increased amongst adults over the last few decades thanks to advances in dental technology and the establishment of Invisible orthodontics Marleybone. If you have worn dental braces when you were younger but issues have resurfaced over the years then speak to us at Boston orthodontics to discuss your options. If you have not undergone orthodontic treatment before but are considering addressing the misalignment issues of your teeth as an adult then speak to us at Boston orthodontics and find out about the different treatments and procedures which make up orthodontics Marleybone. With so many different options to choose from, adults in the U.K. have shown great interest in finally addressing aesthetic problems of their teeth to create perfectly straight, happier smiles.

Traditional orthodontics

Traditional orthodontics Marleybone works using metal dental braces that consist of brackets and wires which work together to pull your teeth into position. The brackets are attached to the surface of the teeth and the wires join them together to apply constant pressure on the teeth over a certain amount of time. Average treatment times range from 18 months to 2 years and traditional orthodontics are the most effective form of straightening your teeth. If you have extensive misalignment issues of your teeth and you require orthodontics Marleybone but you are concerned about the visibility of traditional orthodontics then speak to us at Boston orthodontics to find out about invisible orthodontics and how you can find the perfect treatment choice for you. Invisible orthodontics work in the same way as traditional orthodontics however they are more discrete or almost invisible from the outside. Here at Boston orthodontics we have many different options available for you so book an appointment to visit your dentist today.

invisible orthodontics

Ceramic braces are highly effective for extensive misalignment issues of the teeth because they work in the same way as traditional orthodontics but these braces are made up of ceramic brackets and clear plastic wires which blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. They are still attached to the front of your teeth however they are significantly less visible and are more discrete.

If you are still concerned about having braces fixed to the front of your teeth then you may wish to find out about lingual braces. Lingual braces are made up of wires and brackets; however, they are attached to the back of your teeth so they are almost invisible from the outside. They are also very effective at straightening your teeth so speak to us at Boston orthodontics today to find out more about lingual braces, ceramic braces and traditional orthodontics and choose the right braces for you. If you have minor misalignment issues then we can advise that invisible aligners may be a more suitable or convenient choice of treatment for you so by speaking to your dentist here at Boston orthodontics you will see that you have plenty of different treatment options and we will help you find the right one for you.

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