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An introduction to orthodontics in Marylebone

How much do you know about orthodontics? Have you been thinking about having orthodontic treatment, but you are unsure of where to look? Maybe you are looking for a dental practice which specialises in orthodontics. Whatever the case may be, if you are interested in orthodontic treatment, why not visit our practice Boston Orthodontics where you can find out more information on orthodontics Marylebone.

What are orthodontics Marylebone?

Orthodontics is the term given to dental treatment which focuses on teeth straightening by using appliances. So if you have crooked, protruding or crowded teeth, orthodontic treatment such as braces will not only correct any issues with your bite, but will also improve the appearance of your smile.

An insight into Boston Orthodontics

Our practice Boston Orthodontics is led by Dr Elif Keser, who alongside many years of experience of working as an orthodontist, has also taught in different parts of the world including Dubai, before setting up Boston Orthodontics in Marylebone.

Boston Orthodontics believes in providing the best orthodontic treatment to our patients, as we understand every individual who visits our practice is different and deserves a treatment plan which is customised to suit their needs. So if you require orthodontics Marylebone, then Boston Orthodontics is the practice for you.

What to expect when you visit our practice Boston Orthodontics

Before starting any form of dental treatment, we will invite you to our practice Boston Orthodontics to assess your teeth in order for us to determine which orthodontic treatment will be most suitable for you. This will be done by taking photos and X-rays of your teeth along with impressions. You will also be given the opportunity to discuss any preferred treatment you may want and express any concerns you may have.

The orthodontic treatments we offer at Boston Orthodontics

At Boston Orthodontics, we provide many orthodontic dental treatments for our patients. One of the most common and well known types of orthodontic treatment used to align and straighten teeth are fixed braces. Fixed braces use individual brackets which are bonded on to each tooth, connected with a wire which helps to gradually shift teeth into their desired position. An example of fixed braces is the popular traditional metal brace, however with the development of dental technology there are now ceramic braces which have become a popular alternative, as unlike the traditional metal braces they are made to be undetectable when fixed on your teeth. Another type of fixed braces which are virtually invisible, as they are placed on the back of the teeth, are called lingual braces, and at Boston Orthodontics, we offer an orthodontic treatment to our patients called Incognito.

Considered to be a modern and invisible alternative to conventional braces, Incognito uses gold alloy braces and advanced CAD/CAM technology to create an appliance which is both comfortable and rapid in straightening teeth.

This high-tech appliance can be used to treat all types of dental problems concerning the alignment of an individual’s teeth and as well as you being the only one who knows you are having orthodontic treatment, Incognito is considered to be an easy appliance to keep clean throughout the duration of your treatment.

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