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Are there alternatives to standard metal braces?

People have become increasingly more accepting of modern braces in today’s world. Adults and professionals are choosing to have their teeth straightened and their jaws aligned because there is less of a stigma attached to wearing an orthodontic device.

That said, sporting a metallic grin can cause feelings of embarrassment or exacerbate self-esteem issues, which is why our clinic, Boston Orthodontics, recommends Invisible Braces Wimpole Street to our clients who want alternative methods of straightening teeth.

Invisible braces, tell me more?

Invisible braces are made from plastic and although they may not look impressive, every plastic aligner uses cutting-edge technology and is designed to move your teeth and jaw into their desired position incrementally.

These aligners are custom-made to fit each individual set of teeth and gums perfectly as they shift into place over time.

Why do people prefer invisible braces over alternatives?

If convenience and comfort are your top two braces requirements, then you’ll find this straightening aid suitable for your needs and pleasurable to wear.

Subtle design

As the name suggests, invisible braces cannot be seen by the untrained eye easily. The translucent plastic from which it's made guarantees this. As a result, these braces rather than traditional kinds, are preferred by professionals in the workplace.


Some invisible braces can be removed under certain conditions. While you should attempt to keep them in for 22 hours every day, you can slip them out to eat or brush your teeth. Therefore, you can still follow your preferred diet without being concerned about breaking your braces and still maintain your oral health without including extra steps into your cleaning regimen.

Accurate, cutting-edge technology

With invisible braces Wimpole Street, you can glimpse your future smile before you’ve even begun treatment. We use 3D technology to devise a unique treatment plan for you which maps out every movement of each pearly white. This guarantees accuracy and results that won’t disappoint.

Moreover, the electronic devices we incorporate into treatment eliminates the need for moulds, which is something still used in traditional orthodontics. These gloopy moulds in your mouth are invasive, leave behind an aftertaste and aren’t always accurate.

Where are some downfalls to invisible braces

Invisible braces aren't for everyone, especially when more complex repair work is necessary.

Compliance is absolutely necessary for this device to deliver positive results. If you don’t possess enough self-discipline to wear the device most of the time, you will not see the result you want and may find that your treatment time is extended.

What are some alternatives to Invisible Braces Wimpole Street?

As compelling and fast-acting as invisible brace may be, they’re not a suitable match for everyone. If you have seriously crooked teeth or a severe misaligned jaw, your only option may be conventional orthodontics.

While not everyone’s cup of tea, metal braces have been providing an improved user experience since their inception. The modern design is more sleek and sophisticated, and with some types, ceramic has replaced metal entirely.

If you want a discreet device, ceramic braces are a permanent straightening aid which is made of tooth-coloured materials. These work identically to metal counterparts but are more aesthetically pleasing and less noticeable.

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