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Boston Orthodontics and invisible braces in Wimpole Street

Invisible braces Wimpole Street sounds like a code for Sherlock Holmes to break, but you won’t need him with Boston Orthodontics; let us reveal all! If you are considering realigning your teeth, but you aren’t keen on doing so with visible braces then here at Boston Orthodontics, we have a range of discreet options for improving your smile. Many adults and young people alike are not keen on having metal show in their mouths; it can make them feel self-conscious and dim confidence. We hope to offer solutions that will get you great results and improve your confidence in the process.


One of the alternatives to visible metal braces is Invisalign. Invisalign consists of clear plastic aligners that are removable and when they are worn, you will only see the colour of your teeth through them, so the aligners are barely visible. The aligners gently apply pressure to your teeth to gradually move them into the desired position.They are versatile in that they only need to be worn for 22 hours of the day on average, leaving you with plenty of time to remove them while you eat and drink, as well as for special occasions or playing a sport. You won’t have to worry about visiting us too frequently either, as you will be given several sets of aligners to take home with you and to switch between before your check-up appointments every 6 weeks or so.

With Invisalign, the aligners are custom-made to fit your mouth thanks to the iTero scan technology that we use to scan your mouth. From this, we can also provide you with a 3D animation of how your teeth will look at the end of treatment, before you even start! Invisalign treats mild to moderate alignment issues and you will need to have a consultation first to find out if Invisalign is right for you when searching for invisible braces Wimpole Street.


In some cases, when looking for invisible braces Wimpole Street, patients do require a fixed brace. Don’t worry, though! We have Incognito up our metaphorical sleeve. It is a modern alternative to visible fixed braces and consists of brackets and wires that are placed on the backs of your teeth. They are made to fit your mouth and nobody will be able to see them (unless you’re saying ‘Ahhh’ for the doctor!) The brackets are made of flat gold alloy, which promotes ease of speech and maximum patient comfort. They are produced using the latest CAD/CAM technology and should bring excellent results in aligning your teeth.

Fixed braces - on the front of your teeth (with a difference!)

You’re probably wondering why we’re mentioning fixed braces now; sometimes fixed braces on the fronts of your teeth is what will work best for you. Before you stop reading and reach for the off switch, we have fixed braces that are barely visible. Yes, you read that right! We have ceramic braces which blend with the natural look of teeth, so they are hardly noticeable when worn. This type of brace is only required if the teeth are very crooked. Maintenance of fixed braces on the front or backs of the teeth is a little more demanding than removable aligners, however, it will soon be second nature to you once you’ve been wearing them for a while. With regular check-ups, we can also ensure you’re on the right track and taking good care of your teeth.

So, if you want to realign your teeth, come and have a consultation with us at Boston Orthodontics. We will take the mystery out of getting the smile you’re searching for.

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