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Braces; does your little one need them? How Orthodontics Marylebone could help your Child

Our children are perfect. As parents or guardians, the imperfections of our children are non-existent. With the love blinders on, it can therefore be hard to hear the following words, “your child needs braces”. However, it is important to remember the benefits that can be reaped from the outcome once the teeth are realigned. Below are just some of the benefits that are important to understand.

Alterations to speech

When an individual struggles with certain speech patterns and impediments, it is not often automatically linked in our minds with tooth alignment problems. However, for those who have studied this, it is common knowledge that misalignments within the mouth and speech difficulties often go hand in hand. Words that may have previously been stumbled over can now become clearer, the pronunciation can improve and speech impediments that were previously occurring may disappear altogether as a result of the realignment.

Chewing difficulties are no more

When the jaw is out of alignment, chewing can become somewhat difficult. With the teeth out of alignment, the bite can be difficult; therefore, avoiding foods can begin to become part of daily life. However, with a simple realignment with orthodontics Marylebone guiding the way, the misalignment can be corrected. In most cases, realignment of the jaw is achieved by the use of metal braces, so don’t shy away, as your child can benefit greatly in the short and long term.

Improvements to the overall oral health

When carrying out the daily oral hygiene routine, little thought is put into which way the teeth align; after all, the toothbrush will reach the different areas. Actually, when it comes to teeth being out of alignment, more often than not, plaque builds up in the hard-to-reach areas, which in turn leads to other oral health problems such as gum disease and, in severe cases, tooth loss. By having the teeth realigned, the cleaning process can become much more efficient, which in turn reduces problems further down the line.

Reducing the possibility of further injury

We have all bitten the inside of our cheeks or accidentally crunched down on our tongues. It is extremely unpleasant, and whilst just an accident, for those with misalignments, it can be more common. Over time, these uncomfortable accidents can become more frequent and, should an injury to the mouth occur, become more severe. The simple solution of realigning the teeth with orthodontics Marylebone is, therefore, one to strongly consider in order to protect your child going forward.

Creating a strong smile

As your child continues to grow and develop, as with all parts of their life, we want to give them the best opportunities, and by helping with the realignment of their teeth, you are doing just this. Protecting their oral health from a young age and ensuring that they understand how to take care of it and how it impacts their life is important. Therefore, it is important to discuss the benefits with them and have an open discussion together with our dental team here at Boston Orthodontics. We are all here to protect your child’s smile and help them get the best from it.

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