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Breaking from tradition with the invisible brace

In the past, methods to straighten teeth have varied, but one of the more common factors that remained a hindrance was the lack of cosmetic appeal. With different treatments made from metal, the failure to blend in with the natural smile soon became somewhat a hindrance; therefore, the world of dentistry began to focus on combining the cosmetic appeal with effective re-alignment solutions. This is where invisible braces Wimpole Street fit in; at Boston Orthodontics we offer a realignment solution that fits in with your natural smile and remains inconspicuous whilst effectively treating your tooth misalignment problem.

Shying away and leaving the crooked smile

Whilst in the more minor cases of tooth misalignment, it may seem prudent to avoid the costs and leave the smile as it is, but for some, this is not an option. Whether it be due to a lack of self-esteem, a negative impact on your speech or the fact that your bite is misaligned, spending the money and time on your smile can far outweigh the need to hide your smile away. Shying away from the misalignment can feel like a way forward but is unnecessary when a simple and effective solution is available to help correct and maintain your smile.

Following Invisalign

There are a variety of invisible brace options available, and one such treatment is known as Invisalign. This particular treatment, which is highly popular, uses a series of tailor-made aligners to push your teeth into a newly aligned position in a short period. Although entirely dependent on the individual case, for some, it can take as little as 6 months to gain the desired results.

So how do Invisible braces Wimpole Street work?

When it comes to Invisalign, the process begins with a consultation with one of our dental team, which not only enables you and our dental team to discuss your aims but also allows for a series of digital scans, x-rays and potential moulds to be taken. Once this has all been done, a 3D plan will be visually presented to you, showing you the results that can be achieved should you stick with this particular treatment. From there, we use the scans will to create each custom-made aligner from transparent plastic.

Once created and returned to you, you will be instructed to wear the invisible braces Wimpole Street for approximately 22 hours a day with removal solely for food consumption times and the daily oral hygiene processes. Whilst this may seem like a long time, each aligner is created from your own teeth; therefore, the fit will be snug, leading to minimal discomfort.

The benefits of the treatment

The most obvious benefit is to have a smile that is no longer crooked, and that is the result. To get to that desired point, it is important to have a treatment that does not make you shy away from everyday life, and this is why invisible braces are so popular.

Undergoing treatment and correcting your smile without the world knowing is entirely possible; therefore, you should contact our dental team at Boston Orthodontics today to get your journey started.

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