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Considering orthodontics Marylebone for your child? Our guide below can help

Realising that your child may need orthodontic treatment to straighten their smile can put a dampener on the whole dental experience. With visits to the dental practice already becoming a battle of wills with your child, it may feel as though suggesting a brace will be the final straw. However, whilst this is understandably not the easiest task for parents, the long-term effects of straightening the smile far outweigh the argument of today.

So, what are the advantages you can explain to your child?

Alterations to speech

Although this may not be the first thing that comes to mind when realigning teeth with orthodontics Marylebone, speech patterns can alter. Whilst speech impediments may be present in your child’s life, these can improve and become a thing of the past during and after treatment.

Eating can become easier

With eating being a huge part of life, it is no surprise that this partially comes down to the alignment of the upper and lower jaw bone. Should this be misaligned, it may be that chewing food causes discomfort whether through the motion of chewing or through the result of under-chewed foods. No matter what the discomfort may be, by realigning the teeth and jaw, chewing will become considerably easier and allow your child to enjoy eating a variety of foods without negative implications later on.

Improvement to the overall oral hygiene

Battling children to keep on top of their oral hygiene can be difficult; therefore, having the process as simple and effective as possible is important. Unfortunately for those suffering from misalignments, their teeth may not be cleaned as effectively as they would have been if their teeth were properly aligned. The build-up of plaque, tartar and odours to the breath can begin to form, leading to further oral health problems later in life. Whilst orthodontics Marylebone cannot cure poor oral hygiene, the treatment can ensure that the cleaning process is not hindered by tooth placement and, therefore, assists with keeping on top of the cleaning process. The rest is of course down to your child’s commitment, but at least this treatment can lighten the strain a little.

Avoiding bone loss

Whilst this is one of the more extreme results of misalignment, it is important to understand. As with any gaps within the smile, whether due to tooth loss or tooth misalignment, the result of the gap can weaken the surrounding smile. As a gap is left, the jaw bone can begin to recede, which will not only weaken the stability of the surrounding teeth but also create changes to the facial definition of the individual. By jumping on board with orthodontics Marylebone, you can prevent this potential weakness to the jaw bone and put in methods with our dental team to protect your child’s smile.

At Boston Orthodontics, we understand that parenting is hard; therefore, we will always work with you to help guide your children to making the right decisions for their oral health. By working together as a team, we can ensure that should your child require orthodontic treatment, they will understand the benefits and happily undergo treatment.

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