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Curious about invisible braces? Read on

Want to know more about invisible braces Wimpole Street? Here, our team at Boston Orthodontics answers 5 common questions we get about Invisalign, so enjoy!

Will they be uncomfortable?

It is an unfortunate truth that there is no such thing as a completely comfortable orthodontic treatment, even with invisible braces Wimpole Street.

Remember, that while Invisalign may seem straightforward and pain-free, these aligners have the same task to do as a brace; to move your teeth. And when you are working through the invisible braces Wimpole Street, you are more likely to feel discomfort in the first 2 days after you change between them. To manage this, we recommend taking over the counter pain relief but, should the discomfort be excruciating, you will need to see our team.

How do I keep the retainers clean?

The clear plastic aligners are a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to keeping them clean; it is fairly straightforward with basic materials, but if you start using more complex things such as mouthwashes, it can go badly.

The material that the aligners are made from is quite porous, and as such, it can absorb liquids, sauces etc without much issue, So to keep your aligners clean, take them out of your mouth before you eat and rinse them under a cold tap twice a day to remove debris. If the debris is a bit more stubborn, you can use a toothbrush to gently exfoliate it off of the aligners. There are also Invisalign cleaning crystals that can be used to keep your aligners clean and minty fresh!

How many hours do I have to wear them for each day?

Our team at Boston Orthodontics will start you off by instructing you to wear your aligners for around 22 hours per day.

And we know that as these are removable, it can be oh so tempting to leave them out of your mouth for longer than this, but this can be detrimental to the realigning process. Remember, each aligner is a step in the process towards getting straighter teeth and if you fail to adhere to keeping one of these steps in its place, it can lead to your teeth reverting to their former position and delays in treatment.

How long will the overall treatment last?

This will depend on how severe your misalignment is and how dedicated you are to following the 20-22 hours per day rule.

On average, Invisalign takes between 3-6 months to realign your teeth, if the issues are mild to moderate. For more complicated cases, it has been known for Invisalign to take up to 18 months to straighten smiles.

How often will I need to see your team?

On average, with Invisalign or other removable aligners, there is less time spent in the dentist's chair. This is because there are apps that you can download for your phone which cut out all of the unnecessary appointments, so all you have to do is send us a selfie once a week, and we can determine whether or not you need to come in for a visit.

And even if the aligners are working like a dream, we still may need to see you about once every 6-8 weeks just to ensure that the pictures you send to us aren’t lying!

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