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Delving into the world of fitted braces

Looking to straighten your smile and been told a fitted brace may be the best option?

Straightening your smile can feel like an extremely exposed treatment, as it has been in the past. Head contraptions that sit around the entirety of the face to unsightly lumps of metal protruding from the mouth. With these in mind it can be a little daunting and off-putting. However, it is important to understand that the world of dentistry in terms of knowledge and equipment has developed in unimaginable ways, ensuring that there are treatments to suit everyone.

Our goal at Boston Orthodontics is to always fit the orthodontics Marylebone to the individual patient. Whether it be wearing a traditional brace, a removable aligner or a combination of the two, our aim is to always achieve your dreamt-about smile in the least amount of time.

Below are just some of the answers to questions on fitted braces.

Are they painful?

An element of discomfort is always to be expected when realigning the teeth. With orthodontics Marylebone, the adjustments can create occasional soreness particularly in the days following a tightening of the brace, but aside from this they are fairly comfortable to wear.

Is it harder to maintain a high level of oral hygiene?

Whilst the quick brush and rinse feels as though it does the job when without a brace, with metal bonded to the teeth, this process becomes even more complicated. With vast numbers of nooks and crannies we will always advise our patients it is important to up the game and clean the teeth around 3 times a day, so as to thoroughly remove any food debris from the hard-to-reach areas. A quick brush following a meal can also help reduce any plaque build- up, as it decreases the chances of food remaining in place against the teeth.

So no, it isn’t harder to maintain as there isn’t a special cleaning method, but it is important to perform the standard hygiene process more often.

Will the braces impact my diet?

There will be some areas of the usual diet which may be affected as a result of the brace; for example, foods such as toffee are advised against, as are overly hard foods such as a stick of rock. Avoiding heavily caffeinated or sugary drinks is something our dental team always advises as well.

Think, will it negatively impact and compromise the health of your teeth, mouth and gums? If yes, then we think it best to avoid, especially when using orthodontics Marylebone equipment.

How long is the realignment process?

There are many variables to consider when discussing length of time for an orthodontic treatment. From the starting point, and by this we mean, whether the alignment problem is mild, moderate or severe, to whether or not there are other factors involved such as molar correction. Although there is no definitive answer, for the standard realignment adult case, it can take up to 36 months to achieve the goal.

Do I need to give up my hobbies whilst undergoing treatment?

Whether you enjoy playing sports, or an instrument such as the clarinet or horse riding through the countryside, undergoing treatment does not mean an end to this. What we do recommend for the more physical hobbies is to wear a gum shield so as to further protect the teeth, but aside from that, continue to enjoy your life.

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