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Discovering what Orthodontics Marylebone can do for you

Why might you need to have a brace?

Tooth misalignment is a very common dental occurrence and can in some cases, be damaging to our self-esteem and in severe cases cause us discomfort. The misalignment can be anything from overcrowding within the mouth to crooked or slanted teeth due to tooth loss. No matter the reason behind your tooth misalignment, our dental team at Boston Orthodontics understands that you may want or need to straighten your smile to relieve any discomfort which may be occurring.

The impact of a straightened smile can in some cases change the course of the day for someone which is why it is so important to have faith in your own smile. Catching a glimpse of your smile within the mirror or window should not fill you with dread or make you hide your smile away from society. Throughout each day your smile, which brightens up your face, wants to be confidence boosting and provide you with pride. If this is not how you feel about your own smile, it may be that you are searching for a way to straighten your smile and this is where Orthodontics Marylebone can help.

Searching for a straighter smile without a long treatment plan

Once you have made the decision to straighten your smile, the last thing you will want is years worth of treatments. The first step is deciding on treatment and then like you, we want to achieve the results in the least amount of time. At Boston Orthodontics your care becomes our top priority and therefore together we become a team. Whether a child or an adult, we want you to be comfortable enough to discuss your dental dreams with us so that we can come up with an effective plan together. After all, all dental care requires a large element of teamwork from you and your dental team.

Concerned about the cost of your dental care?

When deciding upon a treatment plan, we understand that there are many aspects to consider including the cost of the treatment. Whilst we would all love to be able to remove the thought of cost it is important to know that when considering Orthodontics Marylebone you are not left with a huge bill for a treatment you cannot afford. At Boston Orthodontics we provide treatment plans which suit a variety of financial budgets whilst still providing excellent care and effective treatments. Although the different orthodontic treatments cost different amounts, at no point does the standard of your treatment falter. All our patients, whether in their younger or older years, are richer or poorer, you are the same and considered one of our team. Together we can create a plan that works for you financially whilst gaining the smile that you are working towards. By keeping us fully informed from the start we will always work with you as a team to ensure that at no point you are feeling helpless when it comes to your dental care.

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