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Fast and surprising facts about invisible braces Wimpole Street

Do you often look back at Facebook photos, wishing your teeth weren’t crooked or that you didn’t have an overbite?

Rather than being critical about appearance and worrying about being judged, why not transform your smile with teeth straightening? Thanks to the advent of modern orthodontics, realignment is possible for everyone.

That said, braces aren’t one-size-fits-all, and not all individuals want an appliance made from metal and elastic.

Invisible Braces Wimpole Street was invented for teenagers and adolescents as a non-conventional yet effective method for attaining straighter teeth.

This article outlines the many advantages of Invisible braces and a few facts that may surprise you at our clinic, Boston Orthodontics.

Invisalign aligners are designed explicitly for you

By appearance, your aligners are little pieces of plastic. However, these small pieces of plastic are created using highly advanced 3D technology. Before treatment has even begun, a customised treatment is devised, where every shift of every tooth is accounted for.

Invisible braces are a preferred straightening method among adults

Until recently, braces were advertised for children and worn by them. Today, despite more adults considering straightening devices for the first time, there is still a stigma attached.

As the name suggests, invisible braces are hidden from the untrained eye, making it a more attractive option for adults who don’t want attention drawn to their teeth.

Some could even argue that considering the removable nature of the device, adults are better candidates since they’re less likely to lose aligners or forget to wear them.

Treatment time may be shorter

Depending on the nature of your orthodontic problem, the average treatment time of invisible braces is shorter than traditional braces. Shave a few months off and boast an enviable smile earlier than expected with invisible braces Wimpole Street.

You won’t contend with mouth sores

If you opt for conventional orthodontics, be prepared for mouth sores and ulcers, caused by metal rubbing against skin, which is discomfort that you probably want to live without.

The smooth rubber plastic that hugs your teeth and gums won’t cut into the skin. However, be prepared for some discomfort as your mouth adjusts to the device.

The flexible device fits around your lifestyle

Do you want straighter teeth but aren’t prepared to give up apples, candy, and all the restricted items on the exhaustive list of food you can’t eat while wearing standard braces?

You don’t have to give up your favourite meals and snacks wearing invisible braces. Just remember to slip them out before you take your first bite.

We also wouldn’t be good medical practitioners if we didn’t advise you to eat healthily. Just because your device isn’t stopping from eating something oily or sugary, doesn’t mean you should consume them all the time.

Brushing your teeth doesn’t require you to incorporate special techniques. With the absence of wire and elastic bands, you don’t have to wangle and manoeuvre your way into small spaces to remove plaque. Although dental hygiene is essential, you won’t have to change your teeth-cleaning routine if it’s thorough, regular and correctly implemented.

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