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Gaining an understanding of Invisible braces with Boston Orthodontics

A crooked smile, whether minor or not, can in some cases greatly impact your daily life as an adult. Whilst filters can help obscure the imperfections, covering your smile is probably not something you want to do to get through your day. In the past, a sturdy metal brace that was less than conspicuous would be offered up as a realignment solution and the metal brace is a good option for teeth realignment; however if you want something more inconspicuous, invisible braces may be for you.

Today, the solutions are much more appealing and highly effective, which is why at Boston Orthodontics, we are proud to offer a wide selection of orthodontic treatments, including a selection of invisible braces Wimpole Street. No need to hide your smile or avoid the treatments on offer; realigning a smile has never been more cosmetically appealing or effective.

In this article, we look at one of the more popular methods of realignment, invisible braces Wimpole Street.

How does the transparent aligner work?

Using tailor-made plastic aligners and a selection of pressure points, the teeth are pushed gently into a new position. Whilst other methods focus on pulling the teeth into alignment, these transparent aligners guide the teeth via pressure points in specific areas. With this in mind, they are more suited to treating mild to moderate misalignments; however, each patient will be assessed during a consultation process to understand their suitability.

How long is the treatment?

As with all treatments, knowing the precise length of time it will take is impossible due to a variety of variables, from the severity of the misalignment to the commitment on your part. Each case has a different time; however, on average, treatments such as Invisalign work towards a 3-to-6-month basis. Keeping on track and following the guidance provided is essential in order to gain results in a shorter amount of time.

How comfortable are the aligners?

Whenever we realign a part of our body, an element of discomfort is bound to occur; however, when it comes to invisible braces Wimpole Street, the materials used have taken this into consideration. Using softer plastics, the aligners are tough enough to be effective but have a softer approach on the gums than the harsher metals used in treatments from the past. So there will only be minimal discomfort more from the movement of the teeth than the actual aligners.

Necessary to have regular appointments?

When undertaking any treatment, it is necessary to attend regular appointments to monitor the overall progress. By taking time off every few weeks or months, you can ensure that your teeth, mouth and gums remain healthy and that you continue to stay on track. In order to achieve your smile goals, you need to work together with our dentist.

The cleaning regime

Before you receive your aligners, you will be instructed on how long to wear them and how to go about your daily care. One of the most important things to remember is to remove your aligner before eating; this helps to ensure that no food debris gets caught in the aligner and rots away against your teeth. After all, broccoli getting stuck in your teeth is bad enough, but in your retainer as well? No, thank you!

The cleaning of the aligner is then a lot easier; a simple rinse under cool water when you carry out your daily oral hygiene processes will be enough. Rinse and gently brush any stubborn particles with a soft-bristled toothbrush, but that is all. Avoid hot water, mouthwashes and harsh scrubbing as these can all damage the plastic.

Invisible braces Wimpole Street; a simple and effective realignment option.

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