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How much do you know about orthodontics Marylebone?

Orthodontics Marylebone is the area of dentistry which focuses on the use of appliances to straighten teeth. Typically used with children and teenagers, orthodontic treatments such as braces are used to correct and straighten teeth which are either crooked or crowded and for those who are having issues with their bite.

Orthodontics Marylebone treatment is not only exclusive to child patients, as there are treatments available for adults who are also interested in straightening their teeth.

So if you are based in Marylebone and you are looking for an orthodontist, you may want to consider our practice; Boston Orthodontics.

An introduction to Boston Orthodontics

At our practice, Boston Orthodontics, we welcome patients of all ages to provide dental services to, including braces, retainers, mouth guards and teeth whitening, led by Dr Elif Keser. The team at Boston Orthodontics strives to ensure that all patients receive the best dental treatment available leaving them with teeth and a smile they are happy with.

Children’s braces at Boston Orthodontics

Here at Boston Orthodontics, we encourage children to have their first orthodontic screening at 7 years old. We believe it is important to have an orthodontic screening at this age because we understand that this is the time when a child’s teeth and jaws will go through the most changes. It also means that if the child is experiencing any dental issues, it can be detected early on and rectified without it causing any problems in the future.

At Boston Orthodontics, we offer a new treatment for our child patients which is called Invisalign First treatment.

The need to know about Invisalign First treatment

We know that with children, their bodies are always growing and changing; and this naturally includes their teeth and smile. Which is why between the ages of 6 and 10, if we have noticed a dental problem in one of our child patients, we recommend dental treatment for them.

Also referred to as Phase 1 treatment, this is the term we use when we refer to orthodontic treatment for our child patients. Invisalign First treatment is one of these orthodontic treatments. Specifically designed for children, Invisalign First treatment uses clear aligners to treat dental issues in growing children. This includes, but is not limited to, narrow dental arches, crowding and spacing. Designed to create a positive and effective experience for children; Invisalign First treatment uses clear aligners to correct these dental issues.

The clear aligners are considered to be good when maintaining a thorough oral regime for the child, as they are removable therefore a child is able to brush and floss as normal. These clear aligners are also made so that they are comfortable to wear, which means that for the duration of the treatment, a child will experience little to no pain and will not even notice that they are wearing aligners.

We also advise that whilst undergoing the Invisalign First clear aligner treatment, children consume wholesome food, snacks and drinks to ensure that their teeth remain healthy and free from tooth decay.

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