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Invisible Braces in Wimpole Street

What solutions for teeth straightening are there?

Invisible Braces in Wimpole Street
Invisible Braces in Wimpole Street

Many patients’ teeth do not grow in straight, or become crooked as part of a natural process, and it cannot really be explained why some people’s teeth become more crooked than others. There are many theories about the eruption and direction that teeth grow in, however, scientists and dentists are still unsure of what causes a tooth to begin to erupt from the gums.

Is it important to have straight teeth?

Many people want straight teeth for them and for their children, as it can be considered unsightly to have crooked teeth. While many people have slightly crooked teeth, many people may fear severely crooked teeth for their children and will have braces put on them to correct their teeth from a young age.

Straight teeth also have a medical benefit too, and having crooked teeth is not only a disadvantage to your appearance, but also your oral health. It is crucial when you bite down and chew, that your teeth are correctly aligned. If the teeth are rubbing together incorrectly, then this can cause tooth erosion, which can be extremely damaging. Not only can this cause sensitive teeth, but can damage the teeth, and expose them to cavities and further damage. Therefore, if you have crooked teeth, is it important to get them checked as soon as possible, to ensure that you do not have any unseen issues.

Boston Orthodontics

At Boston Orthodontics, we have made it our priority to put the patient’s comfort above all else. However, we also want to be as professional and as friendly as possible, so if you are concerned about the look or the health of your teeth, then it is important to speak to us as soon as possible. If you are looking for invisible braces in Wimpole Street, then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We have a wide variety of treatments to adjust crooked teeth, each of them with their own advantages and disadvantages. It is a common misconception that you need to be a young person to have your teeth corrected; teeth can be corrected at any age and treatment can be just as effective in an older person as a young person. The Boston Orthodontics team offer some of the most modern invisible braces in Wimpole Street, and with Dr. Elif’s consultation and guidance, you will be enjoying straighter teeth faster than you might think.

If you are interested in invisible braces in Wimpole Street, we offer Invisalign as a treatment, which uses clear plastic braces to conceal the appearance of treatment. Therefore, you will be able to receive teeth straightening treatment, without the hassle of it being noticeable to anyone.

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