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Invisible Braces Wimpole Street

Invisible Braces Wimpole Street
Invisible Braces Wimpole Street

What type of braces should you choose?

As a forward-thinking dental practice, Boston Orthodontics offers patients who are looking for a reliable form of dental treatment, in order to correct oral problems, a full spectrum of treatments. Amongst the many treatments we offer, we can correct problems such as crooked teeth or malocclusion (where the teeth and dental arches are not in proper alignment). For patients interested in invisible braces in Wimpole Street, the options that we offer include Invisalign and Incognito™ invisible braces.

Weighty considerations that affect your choice in teeth-correcting dental appliances

While preference is certainly a factor for many patients, there are other considerations that play a role in determining the most suitable form of teeth-correcting treatment. These are as follows:

Oral hygiene

Each type of requires a patient to pay meticulous care to oral hygiene; however, some types of braces have developed a reputation for being a challenge to keep clean. Brushing and flossing are non-negotiable habits to keep your mouth clean and happy and scheduled visits to our dental clinic for check-ups are highly recommended.


Type of materials used, time taken to produce dental appliances, duration of treatment and convenience offered by the dental appliance, are often common factors that bear heavily on the cost of orthodontic (cosmetic and corrective) treatments. For patients who have to bear this cost themselves, budget constraints have to be considered carefully. Our dental practitioner is happy to discuss all options including cost and methods of payment with you to find the most suitable treatment plan.

Complexity of teeth/bite problem

Sometimes it is not always up to the patient to choose your most preferred treatment method. This is particularly so if your oral issue is more severe and complex. The invisible plastic retainers are now the most oft-requested treatment type, but these dental appliances are also a viable option for teeth problems that are less complicated to correct.

Discipline to ensure best results

Not many patients are aware of the discipline involved when starting out on a dental treatment plan that focuses on remedying teeth and bite problems. Discipline is required in the form of commitment and wearing the dental appliance as recommended by our dental practitioner. This is especially the case for those patients who are suitable for and who opt for removable braces. Seeing that these instruments can be removed easily by the patients themselves to eat or clean their teeth, a certain amount of diligence is needed to ensure the instruments are then put back in again in order to do their job effectively.

Let one of our highly qualified and experienced dental practitioners at Boston Orthodontics provide you with all the available options for you. Book a comprehensive consultation and evaluation today.

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