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Invisible braces Wimpole Street for beautiful smiles

Everyone wants a beautifully straight smile; however, most adults are reluctant to consider orthodontic treatment. If you visit the dentist on a regular basis when you are younger, then it is more than likely that you will undergo some form of orthodontic treatment to help address the misalignment issues of their teeth. Traditional dental braces can be commonly seen in young teenagers, and research has shown that addressing misalignment issues at a young age encourages better oral health for life.

A neatly aligned, symmetrical smile is easy to keep clean with fewer hard-to-reach areas in which bacteria can grow or plaque and tartar can build up. If you can brush your teeth effectively and floss between all your teeth, then you will be less prone to dental issues and able to maintain better oral health for life. If you are reluctant to consider traditional orthodontic braces but would still like to have a straighter, healthier smile, then there are many different options available with invisible braces Wimpole Street.

Ceramic Braces

Invisible braces Wimpole Street have become a highly popular choice amongst the adult population here in the UK for correcting misalignment issues of the teeth. If you have extensive misalignment issues and are looking for invisible braces Wimpole Street, then you may want to find out about ceramic braces here at Boston Orthodontics. Ceramic braces work in the same way as traditional orthodontic braces. They consist of brackets and wires, and the brackets can be fixed to the front surface of the wires connecting the brackets together and helping to pull the teeth into position. The difference between traditional orthodontic braces and ceramic braces is that the latter consists of brackets made of tooth-coloured ceramic and wires that are clear. Therefore, ceramic braces are significantly less visible than traditional braces yet highly effective at what they do.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are a form of invisible braces Wimpole Street that can be fixed to the back of your teeth for further discretion. Lingual braces are also highly effective at correcting extensive misalignment issues of the teeth, although the treatment period may be slightly longer than conventional orthodontics. The significant advantage of lingual braces is that they are almost invisible from the outside and, therefore, an attractive alternative to braces that are fixed to the front of the teeth.

Invisible aligners

If you are looking for braces that are invisible but more convenient, then you may wish to speak to us here at Boston Orthodontics to find out about invisible aligners. These aligners can correct misalignment issues of the teeth; however, unlike dental braces, they do not need to be fixed to your teeth and can be taken out and replaced as necessary. Invisible aligners are a suitable option for correcting minor misalignment issues and a highly popular choice of teeth straightening.

Contact our dental team here at Boston Orthodontics to find out more about invisible braces and invisible aligners. Book an appointment with us for a checkup and begin your journey to a beautifully straight smile very soon.

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