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Invisible braces Wimpole Street for your teeth straightening needs

Invisible braces Wimpole Street are able to realign the teeth and jaws of both adults and teenagers from all walks of life. We invite you to come in and speak with us about your options so that you are able to enjoy a healthier and more confident smile.

Not everyone is happy with their smile. Crooked, cramped, gapped or crossed teeth can be a reason not to smile, as patients can be embarrassed about their appearance and it is hard to deny that sometimes there are unconscious judgements that occur within society.

However, misaligned teeth can also harbour bad bacteria and a build-up of food debris as well, making them less healthy than the straight alternatives. Tightly packed and crossed teeth are serious culprits for this complaint, where bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay can all be caused by this build-up of bacteria and debris.

It is important to ensure that your teeth, or your child’s teeth are in the correct position to ensure that eating and speaking are not hindered or altered. It is always a good time to consider invisible braces Wimpole Street and we are here to support you through the journey so that you are relaxed and comfortable from start to finish.

Who can we offer this treatment to?

Many people believe that invisible braces Wimpole Street are designed for teenagers and that once a person reaches adulthood, they are beyond the help of such treatments.

However, more adults than ever before are seeking treatment to straighten their teeth, having missed out on the opportunity in their youth either because of financial restrictions, dental care limitations or because their misalignment of the teeth or jaw was not severe enough to warrant treatment.

Teeth will constantly shift and grow as we age, so they will only get worse. We implore you to stop fretting over your smile and do yourself a favour by having them straightened once and for all. The confidence and joy that it should bring will be well worth the investment in time that you will go through during your journey.

So both teenagers and adults are welcome to try this unique treatment plan to enable them a flexible and self-esteem enhancing means to straighten their teeth.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

By being clear or invisible, the braces that we have available allow those who feel that they may be judged, by having their teeth straightened by obvious means, the freedom to confidently go about their work or studies.

We understand the hesitancy that some working adults or teenagers may have in having their teeth straightened and therefore have done what we can to offer solutions that are beneficial for everyone.

Some invisible braces consist of removable clear trays, which give further freedom for those who compete in sports. They can be removed for short periods throughout the day for eating or particular activities, as long as they are worn for a minimum of 20 hours daily in order to achieve expected results.

We seek to meet in the middle with our patients when it comes to the compromises that need to be taken when straightening teeth. By making it easier than ever, we hope that you will feel excited about a healthier and more attractive smile.

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