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Invisible braces Wimpole Street - what’s the fuss about?

Adult orthodontics has seen increased popularity in recent years, because teeth straightening devices for grown-ups are stigmatised less. However, that said, the thought of wearing metal braces continues to strike a chord for our customers out of adolescent years.

So what are your options if conventional straightening aids are out of the question? Our clinic, Boston Orthodontics, has a teeth-straightening solution that could be right for you, invisible braces Wimpole Street.

In a nutshell, this type of orthodontic appliance is effective for straightening teeth like any other orthodontic device; the only difference being that it takes on a different appearance entirely.

How are invisible braces Wimpole different to conventional braces?

The most significant difference between the two straightening aids is that the first boasts a very subtle design, while the latter mainly comprises metal.

Multiple aligner trays, made from clear, high-quality plastic, make up invisible braces. Their virtually undetectable appearance in your mouth is a highly attractive feature for many, especially office workers who want to maintain their professional appearance while re-aligning their imperfect teeth.

Often, invisible braces can be removed, while metal braces are a permanent fixture in your mouth for the duration of your treatment. Having the liberty to remove your device to brush your teeth, eat, or to flaunt a brace-free mouth for a special occasion is hugely advantageous to many.

Another reason why you should opt for invisible braces is time. Generally, treatment time is shorter, which means you'll flaunt a charming smile sooner than you usually would with standard metal braces.

What are some of the benefits of wearing invisible braces

The journey of straightening your teeth presents fewer problems and is generally more comfortable and pleasant when compared to other devices. Read below to find out what these benefits are.

A problem-free user experience

You might feel some discomfort as your mouth adapts to the new device, and when you change your aligners for new ones every two weeks, but other than that the device is light and fits like a glove.

Improved confidence while wearing the device

You can also socialise and work while wearing your new braces - no one will be any the wiser.

No issues with your oral health

Brushing your teeth with wire affixed to your teeth is challenging. Despite your best efforts, you might not remove all the germs living in your mouth and may fail to remove food trapped underneath your wires.

Thanks to the removable nature of invisible braces, you can brush your teeth without metal getting in the way of a thorough cleaning.

You can sometimes enjoy braces-free periods

Invisible braces must be worn for twenty-two hours per day to be effective. Therefore, for up to two hours every day, you can take out your aligners to play a sport or enjoy a meal out with a friend or date.

However, you must be disciplined about this. While it may be tempting (and possible) to remove the device for longer periods, don't. It will only delay your treatment time in the long run.

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