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Invisible Orthodontics in Wimpole Street

Advances in orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics has developed over the years to meet modern requirements and there are now many different types of braces available to improve the aesthetics of your smile and enhance your overall oral health. Conventional metal braces are made out of highly visible metal wires and brackets and there is a reluctance amongst adults to undergo such treatment because of the visibility of the braces. Much research and design in dentistry led to the introduction of invisible braces in Wimpole Street and this has become an increasingly popular choice of cosmetic dentistry over the last few decades with many thousands of adults willingly undergoing orthodontic treatment who had not done so as a teenager.

Invisible braces

There are many different forms of invisible braces in Wimpole Street which are involved in the straightening and alignment of misaligned, wonky, crooked, overcrowded teeth, gaps in the teeth and protruding teeth. These issues not only affect the aesthetics of your smile but can also be detrimental to your oral health. Speak to us at Boston Orthodontics and find out about how invisible braces in Wimpole Street can be beneficial for you.


Invisalign is a popular form of invisible braces in Wimpole Street. Invisalign involves a series of aligners that are worn for two weeks at a time, and are designed to address misalignment and other aesthetic issues of the teeth. Speak to us at Boston Orthodontics to book a consultation with your dentist and find out more about Invisalign.

Healthy teeth and gums are essential for any orthodontic treatment and your dentist will carry out a full examination of your mouth to ensure that you have no dental issues which may be worsened by the treatment procedure. A professional clean of your mouth will be carried out where necessary and then a specialised three-dimensional scan will be taken of your teeth. This can be used to show you an accurate prediction of what successful Invisalign treatment can do to help improve the aesthetics of your smile. The scan will also be used to create the individually tailored series of aligners, which will be designed to move your teeth by 0.25 mm per aligner until your teeth have reached their desired positions. You will be given the full series of aligners but you can choose to visit your dentist at intervals during the treatment procedure to ensure that the process is coming along successfully and also to make sure that your teeth remain clean and healthy during this time. Each aligner needs to be worn approximately 22 hours a day for 2 weeks and then you move onto the next aligner in the series.

Advantages of Invisalign

This is an extremely convenient treatment method and the accuracy with which the aligners are created ensures comfort at the same time. The invisibility of the aligners makes them a highly attractive alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment. Also, the aligners can be taken out of your mouth and replaced as necessary and therefore does not hinder any of your daily activities or your choice of food or drink. They are easy to clean and maintain and do not affect brushing or flossing of your natural teeth either. Speak to us at Boston Orthodontics to find out about Invisalign and other invisible braces today.

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