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Moving with the cosmetic times with Invisible Braces Wimpole Street

A crooked or wonky smile

When suffering from tooth misalignment it can often feel as though the whole world is focused on your mouth rather than your other amazing attributes. With this thought in mind, your own self-esteem can suffer leading to the avoidance of social gatherings and other experiences. Now whilst we realise that this all sounds a little far-fetched it is important to realise that whilst not everyone has severe tooth misalignment problems, the impact of a crooked smile can, for some, be devastating. Here at Boston Orthodontics, we know how important it is to feel comfortable with your own smile which is why we offer a range of Invisible Braces.

The possible options

When thinking about using a brace to straighten up your smile you may have images of chunky, metal braces or a metal contraption with a frame that sits around the outside of your head. Whilst these orthodontic treatments were highly effective in the past, modern advances in both dental technology and dental thinking have enabled new Invisible Braces Wimpole Street to be created. The combination of excellent treatment combined with a cosmetic touch enables patients to smile confidently whilst undergoing their life changing treatments using Invisible Braces Wimpole Street.

One possible option is called Invisalign. These clear, removable retainers work by pushing the teeth into a newly aligned position using a series of aligners. Using no metal or visible appliances within the mouth, this particular treatment puts a large majority of the responsibility within your hands fitting easily within your daily life.

For those in need of a more extensive realignment treatment, there are the modernised traditional style braces. Using the traditional bracket and wire system, our dental team at Boston Orthodontics are proud to offer the fixed brace option using tooth coloured brackets and wires as opposed to the traditional metal appearance.

Whilst many of the modern treatments are now focused on a nearly invisible appearance from the front, the Incognito brace takes the approach differently by having the fixed brace attached to the back of the teeth instead of the front.

Are the Invisible Braces Wimpole Street comfortable?

As with all treatments, there might be slight discomfort during the process as the teeth shift position but in terms of the appliances created to do this, the comfort of the brace or retainer is as important as its cosmetic appearance. Each brace option is specifically made to fit your own individual mouth ensuring that the fit is as precise as possible ensuring comfort and effectiveness throughout the treatment process.

Getting started.

As with all treatments and procedures, the first important step is to discuss what your aims are with our team at Boston Orthodontics. By discussing your hopes and dreams with regards to your dental care we are all starting from the same page and working towards a brighter, more confident smile for you. Working as a team with you is of the utmost importance so we are here to support and guide you through every step of the process.

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