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Orthodontic treatment for all ages

Orthodontics Marylebone has for too long been associated with teenagers and young adults, but there is no medical reason why this has to be and we are happy to include patients of all ages at our clinic. Led by principal dentist Dr Elif Keserm, we are always pushing for greater options and more efficient treatments for our patients.

So why has orthodontics been so heavily associated with teenagers? It's less so these days with many college students engaging in orthodontic care, but still the stereotype stubbornly persists. Maybe it's because adult orthodontic care focuses on being subtle and in being subtle it simply goes unnoticed, therefore not affecting the public opinion on the slightly awkward appearance of adolescent braces.

Perhaps we should be glad that so much of our work is going unnoticed, and even though our adult patients outnumber the teenage ones, their invisible braces are living up to their name and not disrupting their work or personal lives. Hence, this is why these options are so popular.

Invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is a broad term used to describe orthodontic tools which try their best to be as unobtrusive in your everyday life as possible. Unfortunately, none of them are truly invisible, but by being lightweight and translucent, they are the closest thing to it.

Clear aligners we provide as part of orthodontics Marylebone rely on being very thin and practically disposable, with only a two week use each; whereas ceramic glass braces take an entirely different strategy being made of toughened ceramic glass with polymer composites. This makes them extremely long lasting and hard wearing whilst being see through and thinner than a standard metal construct.

Traditional orthodontic solutions

The traditional metal brace is one of the most versatile tools ever used in orthodontics. When it comes to its share of heavy lifting and versatility in treatment, there is little that can match it. We always attempt to offer alternatives to the traditional metal brace. We understand that they are almost universally available and our patients do not come to us to receive a universal standard, but an exceptional level of service and options. When standard braces are necessary, we use them well and when an orthodontic correction has to be done on a tight schedule the aggressive use of a traditional brace can be the fastest option.

Hybrid treatment

Based on your dental needs, there may be the opportunity to use hybrid treatments. This is when a brace is used to start an orthodontic correction and then you graduate onto using clear aligners when the majority of the work has been completed. This allows a wider range of conditions to be treated using aligners, whilst also reducing the amount of time you have to wear the brace for. This synergy of treatment is one of the very exciting progressions in orthodontic care which we are happy to bring to our patients, should they need it.

We are currently accepting new patients at our clinic for orthodontics Marylebone; if you are interested or are looking on behalf of any family members please feel free to get in contact with the clinic. You can do this via online forms or by phone.

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