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Orthodontics in Marylebone

Are you an adult curious about your orthodontic options?

Orthodontics in Marylebone
Orthodontics in Marylebone

As you get older, you may think that the days of worrying about orthodontic issues have long since passed and that you will never hear the words ‘you need braces’ from any dentist.

While you may not need a traditional brace to realign your smile, many people are seeking orthodontics in Marylebone, so it may be time to consider how our team at Boston Orthodontics can help you get that straighter smile you have always wanted.

Our dentists and orthodontists are proud to be able to offer our patients different options for orthodontics in Marylebone, with our most popular method being invisible braces. Our team will explore the most suitable options for you, while aiming to minimise the overall treatment time, so you will have that straighter smile sooner.

Our dentists want you to leave our surgery with a smile to be proud of, so here what are the treatments we can offer for orthodontics in Marylebone?

Porcelain veneers

Only suitable for correcting the appearance of minor gaps and spacing, porcelain veneers are perfect for teeth that may not be suitable for straightening with braces or aligners.

Similar to a false nail, a porcelain veneer that is designed to minimise the appearance of gaps will be custom fitted to your teeth by our cosmetic dental team, headed by Hannah Neve, and applied over the top of your teeth with a strong adhesive, holding it firmly in place.

Fitting of the veneers takes up to an hour to complete, so you can leave our surgery with an improved smile in one day.

With correct care and regular dental check-ups, porcelain veneers can last up to 20 years, making them a great investment in your smile.

Invisalign invisible braces

Rather than relying on metal wires to pull your teeth into their new position the way some orthodontic braces do, these invisible braces work by using two clear plastic layers to gently move your teeth into the desired position. Also, without metal wires, brackets and attachments, using an invisible brace provides you with a higher level of comfort that is gentle enough to sleep in.

Easy to maintain, these invisible braces are perfect for people with busy lifestyles who also depend on upholding a professional appearance for work. If you have overcrowded, spaced or mild to moderate misalignment issues, Invisalign invisible braces can help!

If you are curious about using invisible braces to straighten your smile, contact our friendly team at Boston Orthodontics today to book your free consultation with a member of our cosmetic dental team.

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