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The number of adults seeking orthodontic help and procedures to fix problems such as misalignment and overcrowding of teeth is on the rise. Whether this is due to not having access to such care in our youth or the possible pressure to look our best in a world where we may feel that we are constantly under a microscope, we at Boston Orthodontics are here to assist you in accelerated orthodontics in Marylebone.

What does accelerated orthodontics mean for me?

While many youths may spend much of their teen years in braces, adults may find this prospect uninviting; handling a business meeting with a full set of metal tracks may not be something a corporate company would appreciate. Perhaps it is simply a matter of not wanting to deal with the upkeep of this older design of orthodontics for months or even years on end, as most of us simply do not have the time.

With accelerated orthodontics in Marylebone, the time spent on corrective orthodontic therapy can be reduced by 43% and when this technique - known as Piezocison - is combined with Invisalign R, we can help preserve your image at the same time by seeing to it that your smile is as unencumbered as possible.

What is Piezocison and Invisalign R?

Officially, Piezocison is a minimally invasive, periodontally accelerated orthodontic tooth movement procedure which means that - depending on your case - we at Boston Orthodontics in Marylebone can adjust your teeth without the need for major surgery and we can do it faster than with methods used in the past.

With a combination of microincisions and selective tunneling, hard or soft tissue grafting can take place with Piezoelectric incisions which is a process whereby (with the use of a special device) bone tissue is cut with an ultrasonic frequency while leaving the soft tissue uncut. The bone is then separated and the bone healing process is allowed to fill the gap, creating more space if and where it is needed.

Invisalign R is an innovative system of removable and almost invisible aligners that can assist in the process of tooth alignment. Each set will be custom made to fit your mouth according to what the accelerated orthodontic procedure requires, thus assisting in getting that winning smile more quickly.

Does it hurt?

Pain is a spectrum, while some people may not particularly enjoy a trip to the dentist or an orthodontic chair, we can always discuss the level of discomfort that may be experienced by this procedure and how it can possibly be relieved by your orthodontic surgeon.

Is this the right procedure for me?

The decision on which orthodontic procedure (accelerated or otherwise) is the best choice for you can be discussed at Boston Orthodontics in a safe, professional environment with one of our oral care physicians after they have completed a full inspection of your mouth and teeth and possibly taken X-rays to assess the structure of your jaw and what kind of space (or lack thereof) they will be dealing with.

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