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There is no greater reward than seeing a patient beaming from ear to ear after treatment. The speciality of orthodontics requires not only a practical result but also a cosmetic element. Designing a treatment for a particular patient requires us to gain a deep understanding of what it is that you expect from us and the treatment that we are prescribing. At Boston Orthodontics, we encourage dialogue and are happy to listen to your concerns and answer your questions. We want you to understand the treatment and the benefits that you will derive.

A wealth of experience

Dr Keser is our orthodontist who has a wealth of experience gained internationally and has worked in a variety of roles over the past two decades. Graduating in 1998 as a dentist with a special interest in orthodontics in Turkey, she took up a post as an associate professor in America. She is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the British Orthodontic Society, the British Dental Association and the Turkish Orthodontic Society. Dr Keser now practices orthodontics Marylebone, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the benefit of all that international experience.

Embracing technology

Technology has impacted all of our lives, and we have embraced technology. E-consultations have allowed us to provide orthodontics Marylebone to more patients. Your busy lifestyle means that it is not always convenient to attend an appointment at our surgery. Where possible, we will conduct an e-consultation, which is naturally quite popular with our younger patients. Smartphones and personal computers are now part of our everyday lives, so it makes sense to incorporate these devices in any way that helps us serve our patients.

Rapid advancements in equipment and techniques

Offering orthodontics Marylebone requires us to attend regular seminars and training to keep pace with the incredible rate at which orthodontic treatment is being developed. The range of appliances now available to orthodontists is more targeted to specific conditions, resulting in our being able to treat virtually any dental misalignment. Braces are now fixed or removable. The traditional metal brace, which used to look so uncomfortable has been totally revamped and is now a far more efficient and comfortable appliance. They still use blocks, wires and bands, but the design is far better. Different versions are also available, coming in ceramics that are tooth-coloured. A self-ligating brace is slightly different to the traditional metal and ceramic brace since it does not use bands but instead a sliding mechanism referred to as clips or doors. Another innovation is the lingual brace, which can be fitted behind your teeth.

The latest orthodontic devices

Ever innovating, a different type of brace has been developed, which fits over the teeth like a gumshield; these are referred to as trays, and each is designed for a specific patient with each tray having a slightly different orientation to the last. At Boston Orthodontics, we embrace any equipment that helps our patients, and we will always recommend what we consider to be the right treatment for a particular patient's condition. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we will always regard your post-treatment smile as an achievement of success.

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