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The benefits of straightening teeth with invisible braces

Invisible braces Wimpole Street, available at our practice Boston Orthodontics, involve a forward-thinking approach to tooth realignment. This approach diverts slightly from the highly visible, metal orthodontic appliances which were for a long time, the main means to straighten teeth. This traditional method, while highly reliable at achieving desired results, does not usually find favour with adult patients, one reason being, they are so easily spotted in the mouth.

To address this adult patient frustration, the development of invisible braces Wimpole Street has been a much welcomed solution by both our dental practitioners and adult patients. This segment of the orthodontics appliances market is devoted to teeth straightening appliances that when worn, can be barely detected by others. The most widely used orthodontic appliances used in this segment are removable aligner-like trays, a common brand being Invisalign.

Never before has the path to a more desirable dental appearance been so convenient, confident and comfortable an experience. Invisible braces Wimpole Street have opened up a new reality for many patients, especially those who suffer from low self-esteem issues because of the way their teeth look.

A positive self-image is dependent on an attractive dental appearance (this invariably means healthy, perfectly aligned teeth framed by healthy gums) which means that orthodontic treatment can play a critical role in boosting one’s confidence. Patients who are wondering if perhaps they could benefit from an orthodontic plan with invisible braces, should know that straightening teeth holds other equally rewarding benefits in addition to cosmetic enhancing goals. We take a look at what some of these surprising rewards are.

Teeth straightening benefits to keep in mind

A more pleasing appearance

Orthodontic treatment can have a wondrous effect on a patient’s outer appearance as well as within themselves. A pleasing smile can evoke a sense of confidence which has a ripple-like effect on their mental health and wellbeing. An attractive, aligned smile can smooth the path of new friendships, a love life and even carries over into one’s professional life where confidence is the key to unlocking the door of opportunity.

One particular concern when it comes to oral hygiene is gum health and a dental practitioner may also consider orthodontic treatment to help patients improve their gum condition. This works by allowing teeth to space out properly along the dental arch to allow for better removal of bacteria and food particles.

Enhanced mouth hygiene

Few patients are aware of the critical necessity of teeth being straight for good oral hygiene. Patients with misaligned teeth who struggle with an overload of bad bacteria (bad breath) or plaque build-up may need to look at orthodontic treatment to help them improve oral hygiene.

Improved jaw function

Patients who experience pain when biting or chewing, have headaches or even sleep problems, may also find relief with orthodontic treatment. Teeth and jaw alignment work hand in hand to ensure proper mouth function and overall health.

Better protection of teeth

In addition to cleaner teeth, orthodontics can also help protect teeth from damage. This is particularly the case in patients with prominent, protruding teeth that can get quite easily chipped, cracked or knocked out. Keeping teeth in alignment works on so many levels to keep teeth healthy and strong.

Should you wish to discuss any of these benefits further or want a consultation for orthodontic treatment, please schedule an appointment with us at Boston Orthodontics.

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