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Top reasons to choose invisible braces in Wimpole Street to straighten teeth

Many patients put off addressing their crooked teeth issues to avoid wearing uncomfortable traditional orthodontic devices. As a result, these patients struggle with impaired chewing and biting function or immense discomfort and pain due to misaligned dental arches. At Boston Orthodontics we try to accommodate the needs of our patients by providing progressive orthodontic treatments like invisible braces in Wimpole Street.

Invisible braces in Wimpole Street, like invisible aligner trays, are designed to solve many of the problems associated with conventional fixed teeth-straightening devices. In addition to this, invisible braces in Wimpole Street are less visible, which make them an attractive option for mature patients and professionals, especially those who work in the spotlight.

Why patients opt for invisible teeth-straightening devices

Removable orthodontic devices like Invisalign are designed with cutting-edge technology that uses clear plastic trays to fix spacing issues, bite imperfections as well as other crooked teeth problems. This type of orthodontic device is a great choice for patients looking for:

● Easier and quicker cleaning teeth routines

Time is always of the essence for time-strapped working professionals which is why Invisalign aligners are a preferred choice. It is easy for food particles to get trapped in the various components of metal teeth-straightening devices and patients can spend an exhaustive length of time getting rid of these food substances from between brackets. This hassle is avoided on the Invisalign treatment plan as all patients do is remove the trays before a meal.

● Avoid food restrictions

Patients on orthodontic treatment plans dread the thought of not being allowed to eat their favourite foods. To avoid damaging or breaking the metal parts of conventional braces, dentists will advise patients to refrain from consuming hard or sticky foods. With removable invisible braces, these food restrictions are lifted.

● Enhanced comfort

There are two principal design features that allow for enhanced comfort with invisible plastic aligner trays: no sharp edges that cut into sensitive areas of the mouth and as the trays do not require a dental practitioner to adjust or tighten them, there is a minimal adjustment period to allow for the changing of trays.

● Avoid teeth discolouration

One of the issues with conventional metal braces patients look to avoid is discolouration that can occur when the devices are removed. The discolouration is caused due to the consumption of teeth-staining foods.

● Fewer trips to the dental clinic

It can be a challenge to fit in numerous dental appointments that are needed on traditional orthodontic treatment plans. With Invisalign, less supervision is needed from a dental practitioner as patients are provided with the full set of trays needed at one appointment and they are then responsible for making sure to change the trays as directed according to predetermined intervals. In-clinic appointments may be required but not as often and oftentimes only when a patient is experiencing a problem.

A straighter smile can open up many exciting new opportunities as well as improved oral and general health. Removable invisible braces available at Boston Orthodontics are a simpler and more comfortable alternative to proper teeth and jaw alignment.

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