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What are invisible braces Wimpole Street?

The concept of invisible braces Wimpole Street might seem like something entirely futuristic, however here we are, offering such a treatment here in our modern and innovative dental practice.

There are actually a range of different options of invisible braces Wimpole Street available these days and depending on your personal situation, one of our specifically trained experts are able to determine what style of the device would be most suitable for you.

Upon your initial consultation, we will consider both your physical needs and emotional ones, because we understand that braces are a journey that you need to emotionally prepare yourself for. You shouldn’t feel compelled to put off this experience of straightening your teeth anymore because the options are available these days to make the process extremely simple, straightforward and a whole lot faster than it used to be decades ago.

Most people who do straighten their teeth only wish they had done it years before, so if you are an adult who needs a cosmetic solution, or even a more complex one, then know that invisible braces Wimpole Street can provide you with the results that you need, both during the process and after it.

If you’re looking for a treatment solution that will not impact on your daily working life or potentially damage any social, romantic or business ventures that you foresee for yourself in the coming few months and years, then by straightening your teeth discreetly, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and improve your confidence and health at the same time.

What are some of the options available?

One extremely popular treatment is Invisalign, the removable clear plastic tray that both teenagers and adults alike enjoy. You are expected to wear these trays for about 22 hours each day, only removing it to eat and then brush your teeth before reapplying.

It does take considerable motivation and determination to continue on with this treatment option, however, there are ways in which we can encourage you and monitor your wearing habits to ensure you’re doing what needs to be done.

Another treatment option is Incognito, the one and only truly invisible option that is available on the market today. These braces are affixed to the back of your teeth rather than the front of them and are completely unseen when you smile.

Some people are concerned about the impact that this will have on your speech, however, it has been reported that it only takes a couple of weeks for you to adjust to the presence of these braces on the back of your teeth and to begin speaking without a slight lisp again. Of course, this varies from person to person and if you are concerned, we suggest that you speak with a dentist to find more information about this option.

They can source testimonials and provide you with information that will help you to make an informed decision as to what style of unseen braces are going to be the most effective to you and your needs.

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