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What are the alternatives of metal braces?


Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry, which is concerned with the treatment of both misaligned teeth and jaws. Orthodontic conditions have been affecting people for millennia; even archeological samples dating back 50,000 years have been shown to have crooked teeth. Mummies from ancient Egypt have also been shown to have made use of some early orthodontic methods: they were found to have metal wires wrapped around their teeth, which were bound together with strings made out of catgut. Orthodontics has mostly developed to its form we know today from the 18th to the 20th century. With the invention of dental adhesives in the 1970s and the change of gold and silver to stainless steel orthodontic treatments have become cheaper, more widely available and much more comfortable. However, some aesthetic and comfort concerns are still associated with metal braces, but what are the alternatives? If you would benefit from an orthodontic treatment, you can get invisible braces at Wimpole street in our dental clinic, Boston Orthodontics.


Invisalign is one of the earliest and most established brands of invisible braces. Invisalign braces are not exactly braces, but invisible aligners as the name suggests. They are custom made moulds of a patient’s dental arches, made from clear and transparent plastic material that fit perfectly on your teeth and are almost invisible for the external viewers. A series of these aligners is made during the treatment, which allows them to exert the necessary pressure incrementally, minimising the discomfort as much as possible. They are completely removable, therefore if you would like to drink or eat something that could stain the aligners, such as red wine, coffee or tea, you can simply take them out and enjoy your food and beverages without worries. Invisalign is most suitable for milder orthodontic conditions. However, if you have large gaps between your teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites or any more serious orthodontic condition, Invisalign is not suitable for you and you have to get the normal braces with brackets. Do not worry though, there are alternatives to metal braces even in more severe cases of orthodontic conditions.

Ceramic braces

Invisalign is not suitable for certain patients with severe conditions or with overly small, large or round teeth. These patients require treatment by the traditional fixed braces with brackets. However, these do not always have to be made out of metal: you can get invisible braces at Wimpole street in our dentistry, Boston Orthodontics. These braces are made out of various materials. The archwires are made out of a transparent plastic, and the brackets are made out of ceramic, with a very similar colour to your teeth. Therefore, these braces are suitable for treating a more diverse range of conditions without sacrificing the visibility. Unfortunately, these are not removable and you should take care with certain sticky foods, hard foods and soft drinks to prevent damage to the braces and your teeth. If you think you would benefit from either of these treatments, book a consultation session at Boston Orthodontics to find out which type would suit you, your condition and your lifestyle the most.

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