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What treatment plans in orthodontics do we offer?

There is one field in dentistry, we believe, does not get the level of appreciation it deserves, and that is orthodontics Marylebone. Patients look to preventive and general dental treatments and procedures to save their teeth and to relieve discomforting symptoms. When it comes to orthodontics Marylebone, the worry is how it will look to wear braces on teeth or what will the restrictions be in terms of lifestyle. This is, despite the fact that orthodontics Marylebone holds a bouquet of very advantageous rewards for straightening teeth.

The augments for straightening teeth that are crooked, crowded or those that have spaces in between are valid ones. Teeth in the dental arch that are not properly aligned create a whole host of problems that directly lead to problems in function, aesthetics and poor oral hygiene. Patients can struggle with gum health and possibly lose their teeth if orthodontic problems go untreated.

At Boston Orthodontics, we strive to offer the best standards in orthodontic care. Whether this is for little smiles or big smiles, our treatment plans are focused on ensuring patients can smile their best smiles. Read on to find out more about our services in orthodontics.

Our focus on orthodontics at Boston Orthodontics

We have available interceptive orthodontic devices designed specifically to address bite ad jaw misalignment issues in children. During childhood years is the most opportune time to correct problems in teeth and jaw development. Jaw and dentition development has not yet stabilised and interventions to correct issues are highly efficacious at this time. Not only do these interventions help to redirect growth along proper lines, they also forestall problems that may occur down the line.

It is a widely accepted opinion that young patients should attend their first orthodontic screening by the time they are aged seven. This screening will assess developments in growing jaws and dentition and implement early interceptive measures should there be a need.

Parents wanting to know why this is necessary should note that investing in their child’s orthodontic treatment reduces the complexity or removes the possibility of orthodontic treatment required in adulthood. Not to mention providing relief for the child suffering painful symptoms when eating, speaking or sleeping.

For children, we offer Invisalign First Treatment. Many parents may be aware of Invisalign aligners for adults but the forward-thinking teeth straightening system has been purposefully adjusted to accommodate little smiles too.

Invisalign First treatment makes for a great choice for children requiring orthodontic care.

The treatment targets a diverse range of simple to complex teeth straightening issues that growing children experience. In addition to versatility, these aligners are removable so that children can brush and floss with ease and offer more in terms of comfort.

A topic that has been gaining more attention recently is accelerated orthodontics. The focus of accelerated orthodontics is to speed up the teeth straightening process to provide desired results in a shorter timeframe. Techniques in accelerated orthodontics can be paired with all types of orthodontic appliances.

For more information on how accelerated orthodontics works or wanting to carry out an orthodontic screening for a child, please give our friendly team at the reception desk at Boston Orthodontics a call.

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