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What treatments do you offer at your dental clinic in Marylebone, and do you offer orthodontics?

At our dental clinic based within London, we offer our patients a wide variety of dental treatments including orthodontics Marylebone, discreet aligners like Invisalign and Incognito, as well as cosmetic dentistry. We do offer our patients a wide range of orthodontics and if you believe any of these may be right for you, feel free to get in touch via our contact telephone, email, or even come in and pay us a visit!

Are orthodontics Marylebone right for me?

Patients who may be considering receiving orthodontics may be suffering from a moderate to severe overbite, general misalignment of the teeth, or possible front protrusion of the teeth. Individuals who have low self-esteem may feel as if braces will improve their aesthetic appearance, and therefore their self-confidence. Individuals receiving orthodontics at our dental clinic may have previously received alternative forms of braces (such as the traditional metal type) and may simply be in need of a dental refreshment, if they have failed to maintain their smile with the use of retainers.

Are clear aligners the only form of subtle orthodontics you provide?

No! For many individuals, clear aligners may come to mind initially when they hear the word ‘discreet orthodontics’ however these are not the only subtle brace on the modern dental market. Despite Invisalign’s rising popularity (they could be argued as the largest clear aligner provider within the UK), we also offer two other alternative forms of brace at our clinic in Marylebone.

What are Incognito braces?

Incognito braces (also commonly known and referred to as lingual braces) work by placing metal plates and wires behind the teeth. Lingual braces are extremely discreet, which is possibly a reason for their popularity, however they are also known for producing rapid dental results. Lingual brace treatment time depends greatly on the individual case, however they can produce results in as little as six months. Another advantage of receiving lingual braces is that they allow the teeth and gums to be cleaned correctly, and cause minimal to zero abrasion to the teeth or gums. Aside from minimal abrasion, Incognito braces embrace modern CAD/CAM state-of-the-art technology, which allows each lingual brace to be unique to the patient.

Are ceramic braces the right option for me?

Ceramic braces could be argued as more similar to traditional metal braces than invisible aligners and lingual braces, however their physical appearance is extremely different. Ceramic braces aim to blend in with the natural teeth, however much like metal braces, they work by placing pressure on the teeth, in order to move them into the desired position.

The cost of braces at our Boston Orthodontics dental clinic

Much like any dental treatment, the cost of orthodontics at our clinic depends on the severity of the individual case. We know that it is hard to distinguish the exact cost of your chosen dental treatment, this is why we always try and give you the exact pricing beforehand, once we have looked at and examined your particular dental situation.

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