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Why should I consider orthodontics in Marylebone?

In making smiles straighter and more aesthetically pleasing, our dental practitioners offering orthodontics in Marylebone carry out comprehensive oral assessments to determine the right course of action. In-depth knowledge of jaw and teeth alignment and facial structures are required to ensure treatments in orthodontics in Marylebone are effective to give patients a great-looking smile and one that functions properly.

Orthodontics in Marylebone is used to treat problematic bite issues that can result in poor oral health conditions, chewing functions, speech impairments, and even debilitating headaches. At Boston Orthodontics we urge patients to consult an orthodontist should they experience symptoms associated with any of the above problems. An assessment carried out by our orthodontist will be able to spot the cause of the problem and provide a treatment plan to correct it.

Here’s why you should visit an orthodontist

● You want properly aligned teeth

The reasons for wanting straighter teeth go beyond just improving the aesthetics of a smile. Yes, aligned teeth look great but they also play other more important roles such as improving the health of teeth and gums and how they function. Patients will find that it is far easier to keep properly aligned teeth free from food particles.

● You need to correct misaligned jaws

Patients often don’t realise that bad bite conditions (crossbite, overbite, etc.) have a negative impact on dental health. Such conditions result in the wear and tear of the jaw muscles that cause so many of the associated dental problems. Orthodontic corrections may be minor and simple to implement while some patients may require more complex and longer-length treatment plans.

● You need to expand your palate

This is a common issue found in younger patients who need to create space in their mouths for teeth to grow properly. A palatal expander is often used to allow the mouth to grow outwards and avoid teeth overcrowding issues.

● You need to gain more self-confidence

A lot of research has been devoted in recent times to the impact of smiles on psychosocial health. Correcting smiles with orthodontics provide patients with everyday practical benefits in so many different spheres in their lives: health (mental and physical), social and professional. On the list of things that smiles have a positive impact on include: mood (self and others) confidence, working relationships and business transactions.

● Reduce discomfort and pain as a result of dental problems

Many different types of orthodontic problems cause patients pain and discomfort from misaligned bites to crowded teeth. Patients can find enormous relief from orthodontic treatments that address symptoms such as headaches and painful jaw muscles.

Do you think you need an extra level of orthodontic care to make your smile an even better one? Make sure to choose a suitably qualified experienced dental practitioner like our orthodontist at Boston Orthodontics to conduct a proper assessment to diagnose your problem and find a treatment plan to suit you. We offer a number of orthodontic treatment plans to choose from including firm favourites such as Invisalign and Incognito braces.

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