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The Journey : How do we achieve your new smile?


Your initial consultation at Boston Orthodontics is an opportunity for you to get to know us and vice versa. It will be with Dr. Keser, the only person who will plan, implement and carry out your ORTHODONTIC treatment.
At your consultation we will conduct a visual assessment of your smile, discuss the results you would like to achieve and what type of orthodontic treatment you are interested in and what we recommend to suit your lifestyle and to achieve the desired results. We will also use our state OF the art technology to take the records of your teeth.

The INITIAL ORTHODONTIC consultation is A chance for us to help answer any questions you might have with regards to the braces, what’s included in your treatment, finance and anything else you might want to know.

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Before we can provide you with a full treatment plan and associated costs confirmation, we complete a thorough digital phase. We will do that during your orthodontic consultation.

What does this entail?

We use the best technology available to look at not only your teeth but the overall picture of your dental health so we can make sure that your treatment plan is both suitable and comprehensive.

These include:

Our fully digital OPG and Lateral Ceph X-ray help us to assess the roots of your teeth, the jaw positions to best plan the movements. Our technology means that we are able to carry out a more detailed analysis of your teeth and surrounding soft tissues with a lower dosage in a safe way.

iTero Scan – with predictive results:
Using cu\ng edge iTero scanning technology we can diagnose and plan treatments with increased accuracy. This provides a be]er experience for you. No messy impressions and long waiting times. The iTero Scanner uses a small handheld wand to take thousands of images of your smile in a ma]er of seconds. With this digital model, Dr. Keser can show you what your smile will look like when treatment is complete and the available options.

Based on the information we obtain from these digital images Dr. Keser will then prepare your comprehensive written treatment plan.


Each patient’s smile is like a fingerprint. It is totally unique.

Using the state-of-the-art technology and the detailed examination, Dr. Keser will personally prepare a tailored, comprehensive treatment plan that clearly outlines the risks and benefits.

If we are all happy aYer you have read through the treatment plan, fully understood your options and agreed a payment plan then we will complete the consent process. We have finance options available which can help spread the cost of treatment if required. Our team are always on hand to talk through the treatment plan and any questions that you may have.

You’re ready to go!

It’s back to us to do the work behind the scenes on your new orthodontic treatment for that dazzling smile for life! We will get in touch shortly to arrange your bond-up appointment when your braces are ready.


The big day has arrived! It’s time to start treatment!

Depending on the treatment option you have decided to go with this might be a li]le different. You will either be coming in the practice for your first set of removable aligners to be fi]ed or you will be having your fixed braces fi]ed.

Patients who come form abroad or do not have the time to come to the practice for their regular orthodontic check-ups, don’t worry, we have Dental Monitoring available for you!

How does Dental Monitoring work?

First, we will ask you to download the Digital Monitoring app to your iOS or Android smartphone.
Next, we will show you how to follow the instructions in the app to take regular photos of your teeth for Dr. Keser to monitor your treatment.

Then, Dr. Keser will be making regular checks to make sure your progress matches up with your treatment plan.

Through the dental Monitoring app, you will also receive messages about your treatment. This will include when to change aligners or when to book an appointment to come into the practice, which may be for an adjustment, a new scan for more aligners or for a hygiene appointment.


The most exciting step of your journey! Time to reveal your gorgeous smile!

Dr . Keser will meet with you to check your new smile and explain how to look after it. At that stage, we will discuss if you would like to have some extra adjustments done by our dentist. Tooth whitening or some tooth reshaping may give your smile extra layer of perfection. We will be discussing all these options with you.


So now you have your beautiful new smile for life how do you take care of it? Well, that’s easy!

At Boston Orthodontics we don’t just create beautiful smiles we provide straight smiles for life. All patents are provided with the removable retainers and fixed retainers as a Gold Standard for Retention. This is to keep their smile straight and instructions on use to keep things in line.

For one year, retention reviews are included in your treatment.

For those who want total peace of mind we have the Retainer Club. For a fee we provide you with the following:

New removable retainers every year
Broke your fixed wire? No problem, only pay half the price for new ones Free fixed retainer repairs :)We want all of our patients to look after their smiles